Monday, August 20, 2007

Why the Hell Would Anyone Want to Read This Blog?

Greetings Fellow Writers,

This is the first entry of my writing blog. With the countless scores of blogs (including writing blogs), what could I possibly hope to bring to the table? My goal for this blog is to discuss some of the challenges and issues I've faced in writing both fiction and nonfiction, and create a dialog that may help others like me pounding away at the keyboard every day in obscurity. Although I am not purporting to be an expert of any kind, I will share some lessons I've learned and tips I've picked up along the way about process, using technology, performing research, striving for publication, and so on. I do not presume to teach anyone how to write. I simply intend to explore some of the practical elements of writing for thought and discussion.

About Me
I am a fiction writer and journalist originally from Wisconsin but now living in Brooklyn, NY. In my day job, I am a senior editor at PC Magazine (in charge of the mag's news section), and I recently completed an MFA degree in fiction writing from The New School. Currently, I am working on a novel called "Plainfield," which takes place in Central Wisconsin during the 1950s. I will be posting more about the novel, discussing roadblocks inherent in this type of project, offering my solutions, and asking you for your advice and feedback.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you.


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Edith said...

You write very well.